Argonaftes Sport Club Cyprus

Argonaftes Sport Club Cyprus

Argonaftes Youth Club  consists of young people from all over Cyprus, we are members of the Cyprus athletic organization. Our group was formed in 2003 as a sports club and it is active in youth work.

Our main aim is youth involvement in activities and discussions that has to do with important issues that cause speculation to young people today like the environment, education, job opportunities, unemployment, economy, cultural awareness volunteerism and others. Our group, for the moment, consists of 400 members. The ranges of age of our group are 18–38 years old. Some activities organized/involvement by our group is: Participation on seminars in the field of economy, sports, history of Europe, environment, education and jobs opportunities, voluntary activities like beaches cleanup, cultural events with the involvement of young people.

Locally we are also working on bi –communal projects in order to bring the young generations of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots realize the importance of coexisting in one country. Through round table discussions, annual festivals and cultural activities we manage to bring together students from both communities something that so far has a very positive effect! We are really happy that this project goes together with our vision and we are looking forward for a fruitful cooperation

Name: Argonaftes sport club

Country: Cyprus