Bulgarian Sports Development Association

Bulgarian Sports Development Association

Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a NGO devoted to the development of sport and improving sporting culture.

* Reviving sport culture;

* Volunteering in sport;

* Volunteering in sport;

* Good governance in sport;

* Integration through sport;

* Skills of the future and entrepreneurship.

As sport is about ambition, emotion and inspiration initiated by the people for the people, the sector should be based on the personal convictions of decision-makers for integrity, dedication and fairness as well as on the principles of “fair play”, team-work, discipline, equal start and non- discrimination. Sport is also a excellent way to prevent many of the problems within our society such as social exclusion, violence, crime and addictions.

Association team is creative and full of innovative spirit that works for the development of sport and sport culture in Bulgaria and Europe. BSDA membership is voluntary and the association involve both physical and legal persons who are willing to help sport development with time, ideas, effort or financial support. Association also organizes different events in the areas of: entrepreneurship, citizenship and active society. The team of the organisation consists of professionals from different fields as: sport experts, media specialists, tourism and hospitality, education, marketing and others.

During the years, BSDA has developed excellent partnerships with multiple private companies, governmental and educational institutions, local authorities, non-governmental organizations. We are positively recognized and actively working with the media and rely on good media coverage of our activities and campaigns.

Name: Bulgarian Sports Development Association

Country: Bulgaria