The blindfold game

The blindfold game

The blindfold game

Game suitable to build trust, as well to tackle issues of inclusion of handicaps/differences

Number of people to be involved

2 teams of not more of 5 participants in each

Space and Technical requirements

Depends on you for obstacle course, for sure scarf or sth to close eyes, balls, etc. and a sport hall.

Session Objectives
(expected learning

Teambuilding, team work, trust building, see how disabled works

  The session step by step (with timing and responsibilities)



15 minutes

We create an obstacle course with various hurdles, going across the band, slalom, going up and next to the bench etc (at will). The last task is to kick the ball towards the goal.
We set teams, comprising of 2-3 people in one team. One of them is “the blind”, which is defined as putting the blindfold on his/her eyes. The mission of “the blind” is to pass through the whole obstacle course with his/her eyes covered.

15 minutes

The rest of the players are to help “the blind” to accomplish the task. They must not touch him/her, however, they can conduct the person with the voice. Nonetheless, there’s an inconvenience.

The others must use only several words for instance hot/cold and the amount of steps.
We set at least 2 teams which are passing the obstacle course in a hurry.

15 minutes

How did you feel? How did group feel? How did blind feel? What could we learn from that exercise?


(Synthesis of emerging key issues, most  important
outputs, results of the
session – that will be
included in the report)

The blind – feels odd, uncomfortable, has limited senses, needs to trust the rest of the team.

The team – has an important and difficult task, is in charge of somebody else, feels the responsibility due to the task.

What they might learn: tolerance, communication, self-confidence, reliance, empathy.