Association Mundus Bulgaria

Association Mundus Bulgaria

Association Mundus Bulgaria is an organization that works in network with Association Mundus (ES).

Mundus Bulgaria has been created since its team felt the need to expand its activities across borders and has decided to undertake the creation of a new structure in a way to spread better the EU values and principles among a larger number of individual learners, as well as to consolidate their efforts for working in service of the well being of society.

The ambition is as well to expand the work in network and to involve as much organizations from different countries in order to spread all around the same civic values as they share.

Mundus Bulgaria works to:

1. To coordinate and manage projects for national and international mobility, exchanges and training programs;

2. To develop spiritual values, civil society, education and culture;

3. To support and promote training activities for young people on issues related to European citizenship and active participation in civil society;

4. To educate citizenship among individuals all across Europe;

5. To promote sporting values and encourage the better practice of physical activity among the population;

6. To create platforms for exchange of information, cooperation and support for fostering the better integration of citizens as part of the European Union;

7. To develop measures for mediation and conflict resolution as means for promoting coexistence between members of the community;

8. To promote and develop programs for career orientation, social, cultural and labor market integration of individuals and other groups at risk of exclusion;

9. To promote and develop programs for better understanding between different cultures and the design of relevant projects;

10. To provide support learners and especially to young adults who need career orientations;

11. To promote the right to active civic participation, in order to improve their quality of life within diverse local communities in Bulgaria and around Europe;

12. To promote volunteering as a tool for society development and achievement of economic growth

13. To increase the European dimension of Bulgarian civil society through international cooperation.

Moreover, Association Mundus Bulgaria works closely with the Drug and Addictions Prevention center (managed by the Municipality of Stara Zagora). Both structures organize various prevention campaigns for the local population, cooperate with local schools and other structures meant to support young adults in reaching better everyday life quality.

Name: Association Mundus Bulgaria 
Country: Bulgaria