The pyramid

The pyramid

The pyramid

Activity suitable for team and trust building

Number of people to be involved

2 teams of 3 or 4 participants in each

Space and Technical requirements

Sport hall or pitch, basketball ball, bibs.

Session Objectives
(expected learning

Team building, team work, trust building, basic sports competition. 

  The session step by step (with timing and responsibilities)



5 minutes

We set teams, 3 participants per team.
The task is to build up a pyramid in order that 2 people make the base up, whereas the third one in being lifted by them.
The third person needs to toss the ball to the basket
The group which gets 3 points as first, wins.

15 minutes

Playing the game and following rules.

15 minutes

How did you feel? How did group feel? What could we learn from that exercise? Was it easy for you to do this exercise?


(Synthesis of emerging key issues, most  important
outputs, results of the
session – that will be
included in the report)


Communication and collaboration
Body balance
Getting into the role
Stepping out of the comfort zone