Asociación Mundus

Association Mundus

Asociación Mundus is a non-profit organisation based in Spain (Barcelona and Zaragoza) that aims to promote intercultural learning, volunteering, non-formal education.

The main activities of Mundus consist on managing international training and mobility projects like internships, volunteering, youth exchanges and training courses, as well as long term projects such as KA2.

In this framework we cooperate with international organisations, education institution –both at a local and international level– and public institutions. Through “Building Healthy Communities, Changing Opportunities” project, we aim to promote ETS and non-formal education among the VET schools and youth organisations we work with at a local level.

At the same time, we aim at raising awareness of the benefits of participating at international mobility programs. Mundus team is formed by a group of people with a strong non-formal education background, who at the same time have been participants or volunteers in mobility projects in the past and in the present time, motivated by their own experiences abroad, want to help other youngsters benefit from the same life changing opportunities.

Name: Association Mundus
Country: Spain