Volleyball with no hands

Volleyball with no hands

Volleyball with no hands

Activity suitable to be used for teambuilding and inclusion

Number of people to be involved

2 teams of 5-6 people in each

Space and Technical requirements

Sport hall, volleyball, sashs

Session Objectives
(expected learning

Teambuilding, team work, communication, see how disabled works

  The session step by step (with timing and responsibilities)



15 minutes

Part One

We set teams, which will take part in a volleyball match, firstly, on ordinary rules. Later on, the team picks up one person, not knowing the task yet. They have to choose a place where this person will be standing. Only after that learn they that the person can’t locomote.

15 minutes

Part two

The teams continue the game, at each strife, they need to take into account that the non-moving person has to push off the ball, at least once. If theydon’t do this, the team will not get a point.

25 minutes

How did you feel?
How did group feel?
What could we learn from that exercise?
How did that one person feel?
What could that person symbolize?


(Synthesis of emerging key issues, most  important 
outputs, results of the 
session – that will be 
included in the report)


The person, who can’t move symbolizes the handicapped person we are discussing it after the game, we ask how the person and the rest of the team felt etc.

This task symbolizes that handicapped persons are not quite included in the social life, they have defined difficulties, which are incomprehensible for the society. Such game is the first step of showing to include disabled people.