Team exercises

Privilege tag

Privilege Tag Activity suitable to be used for tackles social issues and matters of inclusion Number of people to be involved 2 teams of 6-7 people Space and Technical requirements(materials) Space big enough to play tagMaterials to signify what team is each participant in (bibs, hats, pieces of fabrics,… in 4 colours) Session Objectives(expected learning.

Siamese football

Siamese football Activity suitable to develop awareness of solidarity and empathy. Number of people to be involved 2 teams of 6 participants Space and Technical requirements(materials) Football pitch (or a space big enough and something to mark the goalposts).Football ballSomething to tie the legs together (Rope, cellotape, fabric).Fabric or something to blindfold half the participants.

Basketball mix

Basketball mix The activity is suitable to use for tackle awareness about tolerance and solidarity. Number of people to be involved 2 Equal teams of people not more than 10 in each Space and Technical requirements(materials) A Sport hall or a pitchBall for basket ballBibs to separate the teams Session Objectives(expected learning outcomes) Basketball Mix.

ETS – Put yourself in other people’s shoes

ETS – Put Yourself in Other People’s Shoes Activity suitable to use for teamwork and cooperation, also issues as inclusion, disability, etc. Number of people to be involved 10 – 16 participants Space and Technical requirements (materials) A big sport hall or a proper open space, flipchart, paper, pens, sticky tape, sleeping belts, cones, stopwatch,.